What is a Talent Acquisition Software?

And how it will help you save time and resources while boosting your overall ROI

  • Talent acquisition software enables you to automate your talent acquisition process, with a variety of AI-powered tools.

  • Find, attract, and engage top talent more efficiently, with faster hiring times, lower turnover rates, and an improved bottom line.

  • With a centralized repository for candidate data, it ensures that you don't miss out on any qualified candidates and easily track and manage your hiring process.

  • The advanced analytics & reporting tools allow you to gain valuable insights into your recruitment efforts, identify areas for improvement and help optimize your strategy.

  • It also enhances your employer brand by providing a positive candidate experience and ensuring that your company stands out, making it easier to attract top talent.

All That You Need to Attract the Right Talent


Handle the Full Talent Acquisition Lifecycle

Zappyhire provides an end-to-end view of the talent acquisition lifecycle, allowing you to manage your entire talent acquisition process in one place. Our platform automates repetitive tasks, including candidate screening, vetting, evaluating, collecting relevant documents, engaging with candidates, and creating job postings. We can also help with employee referrals, performance management, and other areas as needed.

talent acquisition life cycle
talent acquisition life cycle

Robotic Video Interviews & Online Assessments

Eliminate bias with AI-powered automated reports with 16+ data points across various categories, including, professional experience, personality traits and preferences, as well as technical skills. Access a highly accurate picture of each candidate's strengths and weaknesses to make well-informed hiring decisions.

Robotic Video Interviews
Robotic Video Interviews

Post to Numerous Job Boards

Using our simple drag-and-drop interface, employers or recruiters can create and deploy customized job postings, competencies and forms for the application, interview and onboarding processes. Create custom competencies or choose from a plethora of templates. With a single click, you can post your job openings to multiple job boards and social media. You can also track all communication with candidates in one place.

Job posting on multiple job boards in one click
Job posting on multiple job boards in one click

Personalized Engagement with Candidates

Impress your candidates with personalized outreach with the specific information they're looking for, at the right time. Our talent acquisition platform gives you all the tools you need to connect with candidates. Automate one-on-one conversations based on actions they take when interacting with your job postings with recruiting chatbots and robotic video interviews. Automate the imparting of relevant information, updates, podcasts, and other assorted content for an excellent candidate engagement and experience along with reduced offer drop-offs.

Personalized engagement with candidate
Personalized engagement with candidate

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Why You Need to Choose Zappyhire


AI-powered Talent Acquisition

Zappyhire works at all levels to ensure that your talent acquisition strategy is driven by data. The software builds a talent pipeline, helps you find top candidates, enables you to track them through the recruiting funnel and make offers. Leverage automated reports to measure and track the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts in real-time.

Data driven recruitment
Data driven recruitment

Create a Strong Employer Brand

Create an impressive employer brand with our powerful recruitment marketing tools that promote your company's culture and values to recruit, engage, and retain top talent. From a single-user setup to enterprise-class team collaboration, we help you build a talent acquisition system that showcases your business’ core values at every turn.

Employer Brand
Employer Brand

Better Candidate Experience

As top candidates are inundated with opportunities and from recruiters, break through the noise and connect with candidates in a meaningful way to stand out from the crowd. Connect with candidates on a personal level and build trust and rapport, with conversational AI in recruiting chatbots, and tailor-made automated messages that respond in real-time to candidates’ actions.

Candidate Experience
Candidate Experience

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“Very enthusiastic and supportive customer success and implementation teams. Most of the customer needs are catered by them by customizing the solution suiting the priorities of the customer. The Conversational chatbot takes care of the entire load of contacting the candidate collecting inputs and the interview schedulers save a lot of time of the recruiter which can be used more productively. Safety of the data is a big plus for Zappyhire”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A talent acquisition software handles the full talent acquisition lifecycle, which means it's built to help recruiters streamline every part of their process, from requisition and screening candidates to tracking and managing candidate relationships.

Zappyhire is an end-to-end talent acquisition platform that will automatically create an employee/candidate database and allow you to build workforce pipelines, so you know who to hire next. It also helps you manage your existing talent by making it easy to distribute information, connect with them, and understand their career goals. We solve the full talent acquisition lifecycle from the initial screening of candidates to hiring.

Talent acquisition is the process of making offers to candidates who have agreed to join the organisation. This includes conducting background checks, arranging for relocation if necessary, attending to any specific needs of candidates or hiring managers (such as working with a third-party firm for background check services - Zappyhire facilitates collaboration with 3rd party background verification vendors), and preparing required paperwork for HR and management review.

Having talent acquisition software not only helps you acquire the right candidates faster, but it also helps you improve your company's mindset toward hiring. It leads to the path of examining career prospects and enhancing bonds, which makes news hires appreciate working for your company. Thus, reduced turnover saves more time, cost, and effort required to regularly educate and retain new employees.

YES! For small businesses, especially, time is of the essence. Talent acquisition tools are essential for small businesses because they allow them to scale their hiring process, which is often the biggest challenge for companies with fewer employees. The software allows you to post jobs, manage candidates, and automate your entire recruiting process.

This means that your small business can attract more qualified candidates without having to spend as much time on each individual search. Plus, Zappyhire is highly scalable and can accommodate higher levels of candidate flow as your business picks up and the need for team expansion grows.

YTalent acquisition software should handle everything from job posting and screening to onboarding and performance tracking. This is the complete talent acquisition lifecycle, and our solution tackles it all to make your recruiting easier.

Here are the most important features you should consider:

  • Applicant Tracking System

  • Intelligent Resume Parser

  • Recruiting Chatbot

  • AI-enabled Video Interview

  • Communication Channels Integration

  • Recruitment Marketing

With its unique web-based interface, you can replace multiple applications with one streamlined platform with seamless third-party integrations that gives you access to all of your talent relationship data in real-time. With this kind of system, hiring managers can make better-informed decisions based on more complete information.


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