What Makes
Zappyhire Unique?

  • An AI-powered solution to seamlessly automate your recruitment process end-to-end.

  • Helps you make powerful decisions based on insightful data.

  • Crafts tailored solutions for campus hiring and lateral hiring.

  • Ensures an exceptional recruitment experience for all stakeholders.

  • Finds the best talent for your organization at a fraction of the usual time and cost.

  • Get the best ROI by using data-driven insights to plan for staffing and manage recruitment processes.

The High Performer in Recruitment Automation

High Performer - Mid-Market - Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
High Performer - Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
Momentum Leader - Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
High Performer - India - Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
High Performer - Asia - Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
High Performer - Asia Pacific - Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
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Here's How Zappyhire is the
Best Alternative to Zoho Recruit

The best Zoho Recruit alternative used by over 4200 users to hire smarter.A feature-rich & affordable ATS, made for fast-growing businesses

Configure hiring process
Customize hiring workflow
Mobile-friendly Careers site
Manage user roles and permissions
Dedicated interviewer portal
Dedicated external recruiter portal
360-degree Candidate View
360-degree View sharing
Communication Management
Job Requisition
Detect application duplicates
Rediscover candidates from the existing talent pool
Automatically rank candidates against a job
Auto-extract candidate details from the resume
Resume Parsing*LimitedSemantic Parsing
Application chatbot - auto-screen resumes and collects missing information through human-like conversations
Auto-generate unique profile summary for each candidate
Dedicated BGV vendor portal
Chatbot to answer FAQs
Interview Scheduler
Job Recommendation
Automatic Interview Scheduling Chatbot
Smart Tags
Mass candidate uploads
Candidate detail sharing on email
Candidate Matching Score
Consultant portal
SMS Engagement
Onboarding Module
Dynamic Telecall Reminders
LinkedIn Chrome Extension
Matching Candidate recommendation
Digital Scoring Sheets
Campus Hiring Module
Advanced Career Portal
Collaborative Review
Roles and Privileges
Document Collection Via App
Connect to third party assessmentsLimited
Configure assessment questionnaire/ screening questions
Suggest screening questions
Candidates record video interviews
AI analyses videos - personality traits report, linguistic proficiency
Advanced Proctoring
Share videos with team members
Auto-schedule assessments
Proprietary gamified assessments
Additional statuses to filter candidates
Create email templates
Integrate with Google, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Outlook, SMS, Telecall, etc.
Calendly Integration
Auto-follow up / reminders to candidates
Schedule interviews via a single portal
Auto-schedule interviews with recruiting chatbot
Spot unresponsive candidates and initiate a follow-up
Track health of candidate pipeline
Recommend interviewers to candidates
Recommend jobs for rejected candidates
AI-driven hiring recommendations
Recommend Campuses for Campus hiring
Schedule Reports
Custom Rejection Reasons

Pricing starts at



*Billed annually

Zoho Recruit vs. Zappyhire Pricing

Our pricing plans start for recruiters at as low as $39/month. We are providing transparent pricing along with dedicated support. You can also get a 7-day free trial without a credit card.

Why Choose Zappyhire Over Zoho Recruit?

Discover Why Many Businesses Have Switched from Zoho Recruit to Zappyhire.

Powerful Recruitment Automation

Accelerate your entire recruitment process by automating all your routine and time-consuming tasks. You can easily automate transactional tasks such as screening, follow-ups, replies to questions, alerts, notifications, and more.

Smart Applicant Tracking System

Our ATS tracking system offers a broad range of solutions to satisfy different recruiting challenges faced by hiring managers. Move the best candidate through the hiring process with Zappyhires's applicant tracking system.

Seamless Integrations for Your Hiring

The ease of use and clarity of the interface allow you to focus on the task at hand. With a DIY, drag-and-drop functionality, gain the ability to create, communicate and customise requisitions and reports – all from one central location. Learn faster by seeing your data and in a way that works for you. Save time and increase your efficiency with a software interface that leads you through every task step-by-step!

AI Assessments & Robotic Video Interviews

Build better rapport with candidates with automated robotic video interviews. Make well-informed data-driven hiring decisions with candidate reports with 16+ data points including personality/behavioral traits and technical skills.

Advanced HR Analytics & Reporting

Access advanced analytics on each candidate in every step of the hiring lifecycle. Gain a vast candidate repository for future needs with predictive hiring and get intelligent recommendations for rejected candidates.

Easily Manage Your Job Postings

Post jobs to multiple sites with a single click and track the status of each application throughout the recruitment process with an auto-synced calendar. Make the process cohesive to the entire recruiting team with clear communication and readily-available information without gaps.

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Easy Data Migration
from Zoho Recruit

No worries about moving data from Zoho Recruit. Our team will work with you to migrate the data from your current ATS so all of your recruiting data is in one place.

Trusted by 4,200+ Recruiters Across the Globe

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" The intelligent parsing, AI assessment and chatbot were quite an uplift for our hiring activities "

The team's professionalism, attention to detail and technical brilliance have been remarkable. We believe that the features like intelligent parsing, AI assessment and chatbot will enhance our brand image and help to attract the right talent. Tracking the profiles and scheduling interviews/ screening has become easier. It saves a lot of time for our recruitment team.


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Zoho Recruit Alternative.

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  • Reduce Time-To-Hire by 69%

  • Screen Candidates at 10x Efficiency

  • Reduce Candidate Drop-Offs by 5X