Intelligent Recruiter Augmentation

Clone your best recruiter and let the system help you in hiring the best talent.

Our Features


Gamification ensures better candidate involvement and measures the behavioural competencies effectively

Campus Recruitment

Digitize the end-to-end campus recruitment process and leave an impression!

Cognitive Assessments

AI enabled autonomous video interview based on a competency framework

Candidate 360

Holistic information of the candidates with multiple data points for decision

Applicant Engagement

Effective and proactive candidate interaction and communications throughout the process.

Easy to configure

Amazingly easy to configure the recruitment workflow

Seamless integration

One-click integration with most popular 3rd party systems like assessments/HRMS  


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  • Multi-channel candidate sourcing using gamification
  • Automate candidate engagement using the mobile app
  • Multi-source candidate profile enrichment
  • Company culture alignment using competency mapping

Zappyhire can save about 75% of usual recruitment costs, reduce upto 47% of interview bias and improve the quality of hire by about 72%, resulting in cost and time savings for the client.

Do you still feel recruitment is challenging ?


Meet The Team

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Jyothis KS

Co Founder & Head of Sales

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Deepu Xavier

Co Founder & Head of Technology

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    Mehar Rahim

    Back-end Developer

    Krishna Kumar

    Front-end Developer

    Ashfak KA

    ML Engineeer

    Marygold Raphael


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