Zappyhire’s AI-powered Recruitment Automation Platform helps you find the right candidates and improve time-to-hire while providing all stakeholders a seamless recruitment experience.

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Ready to make your hiring smarter?

Zappyhire enables digital hiring for enterprises to spot and onboard the best talent fast, using AI technology

Screen Applicants in an Instant

Intelligent Resume Parser
Screen your resumes effortlessly with our intelligent resume filter
  • Instantly ranked list of high potential candidates
  • Contextual-based screening
  • Unique profile insights

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Expedite Hiring with AI Video Interview

AI Powered Video Interview
Know your candidates even before you meet them
  • Get a personal traits report
  • Candidates can record interviews anytime anywhere
  • See the interview at anytime and share with your colleagues

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Measure Job Skills with Gamified Assessments

AI Powered Recruitment Platform
Evaluate job skills and traits like never before to find candidates for any job
  • Simulate workplace scenarios
  • Bridge the gap in job role understanding
  • Candidates can take assessments anytime anywhere

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Personalise Candidate Engagement with Cognitive Chatbot

AI Recruitment Chatbots
Develop meaningful connections with your candidates and peers along with a chatbot that responds to them faster than emails
  • Answer FAQs at any time
  • Auto - schedule interviews
  • Supports 20+ languages

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Seamless Onboarding to Engage and Retain New Hires

Employee Onboarding Software
Proactively engage with your new joiners, increase offer conversion rate and reduce onboarding time
  • Generate and manage offer letter lifecycle, auto-fill forms and spot missing documents
  • Collaborate with Your BGV Vendors
  • Proactively share tit-bits about your company and their team

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Revolutionize Your Hiring Without Changing The Way You Hire

Zappyhire Transforms Talent Acquisition for Everyone

For Recruiters

Accelerate hiring with an intelligent recruitment platform built to manage routine tasks and provide smart recommendations while you develop meaningful relationships.

For Business Leaders & C-levels

Track your hiring performance, get insights and recommendations tailored to your organization and improve your recruiting ROI.

For Candidates

Provide candidates transparent communication and updates throughout the recruitment process.

Talent Acquisition Software

How Zappyhire Helped
A Leading Bank
Reduce Time To Hire

One of the largest commercial banks in India is winning the hiring game. Using Zappyhire's string of modern technologies, the bank transformed their hiring process, improving hiring quality and reducing recruitment cost.

Recruitment Platform

We have helped hundreds of recruiters transform their talent acquisition

Provide an Amazing Recruitment Experience for all Stakeholders

Recruiters, Candidates & Business Leaders

Intelligent Hiring Platform

Intelligent Hiring Optimized in a Few Steps

Digital Hiring Platform

Recommendations & Insights When You Need Most

Video Interview Platform

Candidate Facing Mobile App

AI-powered Onboarding Software

Collaborate & Hire with Your Team

Advanced Recruitment  Analytics

Optimise Your Hiring with Advanced Analytics

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Microsoft for Startups
Wadhwani Foundation
Kerala Startup Mission

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