How Our AI Resume Parsing Tool Helps

Maximize the potential of your candidate pool and enhance your hiring efficiency with Zappyhire’s Resume Parser


Candidates are Easier to Filter

All incoming resumes are converted into a standardized format, making it easier to filter candidates based on their skills and requirements.


Saves Your Hiring Time

With the ability to quickly and easily apply, candidates are more likely to submit resumes. Additionally, since the parser extracts only the relevant data from each resume, it results in higher-quality applications.

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Increased Application Rate

Build a streamlined candidate experience with optimized job application forms, branded career sites, email templates, and more.

Screen Candidates with The
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AI-powered semantic resume parser for better talent filtering and 10x efficiency


Streamline Recruitment with Effortless Resume Upload

Simply let the applicants submit their resumes, and let Zappyhire’s automated resume parsing system do the work for you.

Our system can process hundreds of resumes in seconds, saving you a ton of valuable time and effort.

Screening candidate resume
Screening candidate resume

Get the Right Candidates for the Role

Zappyhire uses advanced resume parsing algorithms to filter through resumes and identify the most suitable candidates for the role.

With our smart filters and an AI system that comprehends job descriptions well, you can customize your search criteria and quickly find the right candidate for the job.

Filtering resume
Filtering resume

Get Accurate Results with Semantic Search Technology

Zappyhire’s Multilingual Resume Parser capabilities uses semantic search technology to deliver accurate results.

Our system is designed to analyze the context of the resume, rather than relying on simple keyword matches.

Recruiter aiming to hire right candidate
Recruiter aiming to hire right candidate

Beyond Keywords - Screen with Contextual Understanding

Zappyhire’s AI-powered Resume Parser goes beyond traditional keyword-based parsing to provide contextual understanding of each candidate’s resume.

Our system extracts insightful information about each candidate that is often missed by other parsing systems.

Candidate profile analyics
Candidate profile analyics

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Intuitive Resume Summary for Each Candidate

Zappyhire’s Resume Parser provides an intuitive summary of each candidate’s resume, making it easy to quickly review and assess candidates.

Our system synthesizes resumes and helps recruiters identify the most promising candidates quickly.

Resume summary of each candidate
Resume summary of each candidate

Resume Parser with Natural Language Processing

Zappyhire uses deep NLP (Natural Language Processing) for resume parsing to extract text from resumes, and employs Deep Learning and Named Entity Recognition (NER) to ensure 93% precise information extraction.

Our machine learning technology ensures that you get the most accurate results possible, saving you time and effort in the recruitment process.

Resume parsing with deep NLP
Resume parsing with deep NLP

Candidate Screening Through Conversational AI

Zappyhire’s Conversational AI Engine allows you to engage with candidates and perform initial screening automatically.

Our AI-powered chatbot, Zoey, can interact with candidates, ask relevant questions, collect documents, and provide you with a summary of their responses.

Recruiting chatbot
Recruiting chatbot

Protect Candidate Privacy with Robust Security Measures

Zappyhire takes the security of your candidates’ data seriously. Our system is designed to protect candidate data and ensure that it remains secure and confidential at all times.

We use the latest encryption technologies and adhere to industry-standard security protocols to keep your data safe.

Secure candidate data
Secure candidate data

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“I have been using Zappyhire ATS since July 2021 and it helps to reduce my workload to around 80%, All the screening and the scoring are performed perfectly, am able to retrieve resumes at any time from the database and the customer support provided is the best! Zappyhire support team clear all issues in a short span of time. Feel so thankful for the team.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Resume Parsing Software, also known as CV Parsing Software, is a tool that extracts relevant information from resumes and CVs, such as work experience, education, skills, and contact details. This software uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to interpret and extract information from the resume.

The resume parser software works by analyzing the resume or CV document and identifying specific sections and information such as job titles, skills, work experience, education, and contact details. It then extracts this information and creates a structured format that can be easily searched and analyzed by recruiters and hiring managers. This allows them to quickly filter and screen candidates based on specific job requirements.

Resume Parsing Software can be used by any organization, whether large or small, that wants to streamline its recruitment process. This software is particularly useful for organizations that receive a high volume of resumes and want to quickly identify qualified candidates. Recruiters and hiring managers can use this software to filter and screen job applications more efficiently, saving time and resources.

Resume Parsing Software is a critical tool for any organization looking to simplify its recruitment process. Without it, recruiters would need to manually review each resume, which can be a time-consuming and tedious task. With resume parsing software, recruiters can quickly and easily extract key information from resumes, allowing them to focus on the most qualified candidates.

  • Saves recruiters' time by automating the process of reviewing resumes.

  • Reduces the risk of errors that can occur when resumes are reviewed manually.

  • Increases the accuracy of the screening process by using NLP algorithms to extract relevant information from resumes.

  • Improves the candidate experience by providing a more efficient and streamlined application process.


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