How Robotic Video Interviews Help in Recruiting

Make great hires and streamline your hiring process with automated, intelligent,
remote interview software that effectively assesses every candidate!


Know Your Candidate Better

Eliminate unconscious bias from your recruitment process and encourage candidates to step out of their conversational comfort zones, into insightful answers.

Recruitment automation

Automate Interviewing

The platform can assess skills, culture compatibility, response level, and more in real-time - whilst keeping costs low by automating the entire process.


Reduce Time-to-Hire

Reduce time-to-hire by more than 70% and increase candidate quality to boost your bottom line through hiring the right talent.

Why is Zappyhire the Best Video Interview Software for Recruiters?

Easily find top talent quickly on autopilot, eliminate duplicate efforts, and scale your workforce
without taking on more support staff.


Find the Right Talent with AI-powered Video Interviewing

AI Robotic Video Interviews analyze the body language, speech patterns and any unconscious habits candidates exhibit during an interview in real-time and create a transcript. Machine Learning technology turns recorded interviews into meaningful data that helps recruiters gain deep insights into applicants’ personality and work styles.

Recruitment Bot
Recruitment Bot

Make Your Interviewing Convenient

AI Robotic Video Interview can be conducted remotely and on-demand, meaning it can be scheduled and recorded without any recruiter intervention. Recruiters can pre-set questions in video interviews with tailored follow-up questions based on the interviewee's words, not a generic script. And thanks to the platform’s built-in video recording and analysis tools, recruiters can better screen candidates.

Candidate giving robotic video interview
Candidate giving robotic video interview

Recruit Anytime, Anywhere

Our AI robotic video interviews can be conducted and taken (self-record) at any time, any place and on any device – regardless of where or what device they're using. Further, employers can have access to candidates’ responses at all times and recruiters gain the ultimate flexibility to hire top talent, whenever and wherever needed.

Remote hiring
Remote hiring

Automated Interview Scoring

Let our AI engine handle that grunt work automatically. We offer in-depth evaluation of your job applicants, which makes the process of recruiting a lot easier. Automated Interview Scoring helps you efficiently narrow down your applicant pool by identifying your top choices with a custom scorecard report detailing the strengths and areas for improvement for each candidate.

Automated interview scoring
Automated interview scoring

Simplify Your Recruitment with
AI-enabled Video Interviews.

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Engage Candidates With a Mobile-First Branded Experience

Candidates want to feel comfortable, confident, and respected by the recruiting practices. Traditional phone and video interviews can be awkward and stilted. Connecting with the right candidates at the right time is critical to your overall talent acquisition strategy, and offering a mobile-first experience will create a good impression on quality candidates and eliminate friction for on-the-go talent.

Mobile first branded experience of candidate
Mobile first branded experience of candidate

Make Collaboration Real

Invasive job interviews are uncomfortable and wooden. That’s why they often result in unsurprising, uninspiring candidates who are not the right fit. We help recruiters and candidates connect instantly – without rescheduling or waiting – giving everyone the chance to get together for feedback, questions, and negotiation at any time.

Candidate and recruiters connecting instantly
Candidate and recruiters connecting instantly

Integrate With the Right Tools

Make interviewing faster and more consistent by importing candidate information from the applicant tracking system straight into your app of choice. This replaces having multiple people step through various pieces of information from multiple apps and synchronizing those with your calendar. You can integrate with the tools that you already love.

Software integrations
Software integrations

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The Best AI Video Interview Tool Trusted by
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“Zappyhire is the only recruitment tool we have used and we love it. The drag and drop feature for setting up the hiring cycle and video interview feature are by far the best in terms of flexibility! A small-sized creative company like ours also requires assessments that should be crafted to measure very specific design skills. Zappyhire's flexible assessments setup was very helpful in evaluating candidates at scale. Since all assessments are consolidated as a single report card, it is easier for us to decide whether or not to advance a candidate to the next stage.”

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Paul Emil J.

Co-founder and Creative Director

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A robotic video interview software is a tool that allows you to conduct interviews via a virtual interviewer. It is different from traditional remote interview software because it works without human intervention. This means that you can conduct the entire interview without having to be in the same room as your interviewee. It also allows you to record the interview, which is helpful for later review and analysis.

Robotic Video Interviews effectively level the playing field by letting you find quality candidates from diverse backgrounds with minimal effort while it takes care of all the tedious back-end work.

Robotic Video Interviews are a game changer in the recruiting process. It helps in saving time for both recruiters and candidates, and also boosts your company's brand value by doing high-quality interviews. These are some overall benefits AI Robotic Video Interviews offer in the talent acquisition process:

  • Time-saving

  • Faster hiring

  • Reduced cost of interviews

  • Improved quality of candidates

  • Reduced office space requirements

  • Human bias is drastically reduced

First and foremost, you want to make sure that the software is easy to use and intuitive, so it's not difficult to get started with. You want something that doesn't require too much training or time to figure out how it works.

Second, you need to make sure that the tool can be integrated with your existing systems. If you're using CRM or HR software, you'll want to make sure that it's compatible with those platforms.

Zappyhire's AI-powered Robotic Video Interview feature helps you streamline the recruitment process by analyzing candidates' behavior during interviews in real-time, creating a transcript of their responses.

The platform's automated interview scoring helps you efficiently narrow down the applicant pool and identify the right candidates. Additionally, Zappyhire offers a mobile-first branded experience that enhances candidate engagement, and collaboration features to connect recruiters and candidates instantly.

The integration with other tools and the platform's ability to conduct interviews remotely and on-demand offer companies greater flexibility in the recruitment process.

All in all, Zappyhire's technology can help simplify and speed up your recruitment process while identifying top talent.


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