Zappyhire enables you to log-in in a jiffy with Single Sign-On (SSO) to streamline your login process and enhance security.

Google SSO

Google Single Sign On

Users can log into Zappyhire using their Google account credentials.

Azure SSO

Azure Single Sign-on

Users can log into Zappyhire using their Azure account login credentials.

Job Boards

Expand your reach and attract top talent by posting job openings on popular job boards directly from Zappyhire.

Facebook Job Board

Facebook Job Board

Users can post the job openings through Zappyhire on Facebook.

Naukri Job Board

Naukri Job Board

Users can post job openings through Zappyhire on Naukri.


Keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the hiring process with seamless email, text messaging, and more communication integrations.



Connect and collaborate online through video conferencing on Zoom.



Connect and collaborate via messages, calls, and video conferencing on slack.



Engage with candidates on-the-go with the communication app of their choice.


Evaluate candidates' skills and fit with pre-employment assessments from top providers, all integrated with Zappyhire.

DoSelect Assessments


DoSelect skill assessment platform for hiring. Create skill assessments within minutes and evaluate thousands of candidates automatically.

Hackerearth Assessments


Developer’s skill assessment platform. Engage, assess, and interview developers with ease.

Perspect AI Assessments

Perspect AI

Use elements of Game Science, I/O Psychology, and Data Science to fairly and accurately measure cognitive, personality, and emotional attributes.

WeCP Assessments

WeCP Assessment

Easy and customizable technical assessment platform.

Facecode coding Assessments

Facecode Coding Assessment Platform

Set up, invite, and conduct coding interviews on a collaborative, real-time code editor that automates your interview summaries.


Simplify your HR processes by integrating Zappyhire with your HRMS for seamless data transfer and management.

Darwin Box HRMS

Darwinbox HRMS

Unifies the entire employee lifecycle in one platform.



Employee data management software post-onboarding of the candidate.

Zimyo HRMS

Zimyo HRMS

Manages your employee documents, attendance, payroll, and benefits all in one secure place.

Background Verification

Guarantee that your hiring decisions are grounded in accurate and verified information with Zappyhire’s integrated BGV partners.



Ensure a thorough screening process for all types of candidates, including blue collar, white collar, gig worker as well as C-suite and and senior leadership.



With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, SpringVerify provides automated, tech-driven candidate background verification services powered by API and digital technology.


Schedule interviews and keep track of important dates with calendar integrations of the most-used global platforms.

Google Calendar

Google Calender

Schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities.

Outlook Calendar


Create appointments and events, organize meetings, view group schedules, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

View and get reminders of scheduled events in Teams, Exchange, or Outlook.


Speed up the hiring process by sending offer letters and other documents directly from Zappyhire for electronic signature.

Dropbox for E-signature


Sign and share documents with ease with Dropbox for Zappyhire.

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