Why You Need an Applicant Tracking System

From screening and analyzing to engaging with and selecting the best applicants, an ATS helps deliver a seamless recruiting experience.

candidate database

Screen the right candidates

Screen qualified applicants with job postings to multiple job boards, social media advertising, employee referrals, and more.

Reduce time

Reduce time-to-hire

Hire quickly with tools that automate mundane tasks and make it efficient for recruiters and hiring managers to collaborate.

employer brand

Enhance employer brand

Build a streamlined candidate experience with optimized job application forms, a branded Career site, email & offer letter templates, and more.

Why Choose Zappyhire?

Zappyhire’s modern ATS software streamlines your recruiting
process so you can find the right candidates better & faster.


Simplify Your Hiring With Workflow Automation

Automate your entire hiring workflow including the series of tasks taken throughout the application, interview scheduling, engagement, offer, and onboarding process.

Sidestep time-consuming inefficiencies, avoid costly mistakes, automate mundane tasks, and ensure consistency across your entire organization.

With a highly configurable drag-and-drop interface, you can create your unique workflow; hire without changing the way you do it!

workflow automation
workflow automation

Deliver an Impressive Candidate Experience

With a mobile-friendly interface, make it a breeze for candidates to apply for jobs. Enable them to schedule interviews, communicate and have their queries answered with the help of our recruiting chatbot.

Create a memorable experience that makes applicants feel valued, and applying for jobs fun and fulfilling with gamified assessments and personalized engagement.

candidate experience
candidate experience

Collaborate With Your Hiring Team

Collaborate with the entire team with an interface that provides a bird’s-eye view of the process to ensure complete clarity and avoid miscommunication.

Recruiters and hiring managers can assign tasks or responsibilities to specific people for each stage in the hiring process so that everyone knows exactly what is needed next and when.

Leave feedback at each stage so that everyone is on the same page without gaps in communication.

Hire with your team
Hire with your team

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Drastically reduce the time spent sifting through applications by automatically pre-screening candidates before they reach your desk.

Get all the information you need, with a 360° view of candidates to make data-driven decisions quickly with configurable dashboards and reports to track hiring progress.

Team productivity
Team productivity

Get Rid of Boring Paper CVs

Leverage a semantic resume parser that automatically scans resumes with contextual understanding, auto-ranks the candidates as well as provides an accurate summary of each applicant.

It also reduces the chance of human bias and error by ensuring a standardized way of data collection and storage, and storing all your information in one central database.

Resume parser
Resume parser

Data-Driven Tools to Help You Hire Winning Talent

Visibility into the entire hiring cycle, mobile access to all recruiting data, and tracking key metrics makes it easy to spot and prevent bottlenecks.

With predictive hiring, intelligent recommendations throughout the hiring lifecycle, and automated assessment tools, pave the way for well-informed hiring decisions and insights into your recruitment process.

Hire the right talent at every turn with intelligent insights that simplify your decision-making.

hire winning team
hire winning team

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Integrate With Your Existing System

Have all of your candidate information and communication in one place with integrations to multiple third-party applications of your choice.

Fit into your current system with seamless integrations with popular tools like - Zoom, WhatsApp, Slack, GSuite, Microsoft Teams.

Manage the recruitment process from start to finish without opening multiple screens with a whole host of integrations for all stages, including SMS and Telecalls.

software integrations
software integrations

Quickly Manage Your Job Postings

With a streamlined dashboard and one-click functionality, post your requirements to job boards & career sites in an instant from a single platform.

Easily manage multiple job postings, source of qualified applicants, and other key metrics, and get reports to track the effectiveness of your recruitment campaign.

Automatically update your job postings to reduce time sitting in front of a computer copying and pasting information.

Job posting
Job posting

Gain Powerful Recruiting Features with the
Zappyhire Applicant Tracking System

Interview schedulingcap

Interview Schedulingcap

Experience effortless interview scheduling with auto-synced calendars. Empower candidates by scheduling interviews at their convenience.

hire remotelycap

Recruit anytime, anywherecap

Recruit on the go with our mobile-friendly platform with a clean, easy-to-use design. Search, screen, interview and onboard candidates from anywhere in the world.

career sitecap

Branded Career Sitecap

Showcase your company values with a branded career site that appeals to job seekers, as well as enhance your employer brand.

real time reports and insightscap

Real-time Reports & Insightscap

With real-time reports and insights, track progress on a candidate's application, and other key metrics for data-driven decisions and strategy.

resume parsercap

Intelligent Resume Parsercap

Scan thousands of resumes instantly with an intelligent parser that understands resumes and extracts insightful information about each candidate.

recruiting chatbotcap

Recruiting Chatbotcap

Screen and interview candidates with a chatbot that can also collect documents, assist candidates in applying & scheduling interviews, gather information and answer FAQs.

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“Zappyhire is an extremely easy-to-use tool, especially because you don't need any technical knowledge to create the hiring workflow. The calendar integration and automatic interview scheduler are very useful and save a ton of time for our talent department. Being able to add custom questions to the recruitment chatbot is also an advantage because we can extract additional information from our candidates. We've noticed that the quality of candidates that are hired is on par with other giants in the industry. We 100% recommend Zappyhire.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software that tracks candidates, manages the application process, and automates workflow. This system is used by businesses to streamline their recruitment process, so they can focus on evaluating candidates and making hiring decisions without having to worry about keeping track of all the information on paper.

AI-powered applicant tracking systems work by analyzing the data that is input into the system by the recruiter as well as candidates. The system will then use machine learning algorithms to analyze this data and use it to rank, manage and track applicants, which makes it easier for recruiters to find the right talent.

You need an AI-powered applicant tracking system to help you find and hire the best candidates for your open positions as quickly as possible.

AI helps you automate the entire process, including:

  • Creating job postings with optimized text and keywords to attract the right candidates

  • Scanning through thousands of resumes and giving you a list of auto-ranked candidates, sorted by experience and qualifications

  • Automating the scheduling of interviews for qualified candidates

  • A three-dimensional view of each candidate with reports containing 16+ data points including behavioral and personality traits

  • Intelligent search to find the best candidate, even if they don't have an exact match on their resume

  • A vast candidate repository for future hiring needs, coupled with predictive hiring using historical transactional data.

The result? You can make more informed hiring decisions quickly, and you can do it all from one place.

An AI-powered applicant tracking system is the best way to automate your recruiting functions and save time.

It will help you:

  • Reduce manual work by 80%

  • Automate the recruitment process from end-to-end, so you can focus on other tasks

  • Save up to 70% per year in labor costs

  • Reduce the need for human resources staff or recruiters’ constant inputs.

  • Provide an excellent candidate experience with personalized engagement and gamified assessments

On an average, the costs range between $60 to $100 per recruiter, per month - plus, a fee for activation and installation may apply.

However, Zappyhire is highly affordable starting at $39 per recruiter, per month with no installation or hidden cost. With this subscription you can,

  • Screen unlimited number of candidates

  • Conduct unlimited interviews

  • Hire for multiple openings


Engage, Interview, and Recruit the Right Talent Faster with Zappyhire.

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