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Benefits of Pre-screening

Pre-screening benefits
  • 1 . High-quality talent pool

  • 2 . Reduce time to hire

  • 3 . Understand candidates better

  • 4 . Assess language proficiency

  • 5 . Contextually relevant insights

  • 6 . Reduce hiring costs

Get 360 Degree View of the Candidate

360 degree candidate view


Assess your candidates even before the first interaction

Gain a 360 degree view of candidates inclusive of personality trait reports with 16+ data points, comprehensive analysis of the candidate’s skills and insights into language proficiency, to guarantee the best hires for your organization.

Multilingual Recruiting Chatbot

Robotic Video Interview

Assessment Integrations

Recruiting Chatbot

Zappyhire’s Multilingual Recruiting Chatbot caters to a wide range of crucial aspects of recruitment such as personalized communication with candidates, scheduling interviews, and filtering candidates to ensure you only engage with top candidates that are right for your organization in addition to supplementing the existing data on the candidate.

Some of its key benefits include:

  • Closes the gaps in information, ensuring that the recruiter gets more accurate and relevant insights on the candidates

  • Time- effective

  • Cost- effective

  • Reduces human bias

  • Boosts candidate experience

  • Automates repetitive tasks

Recruiting Chatbot

AI Assessments

Robotic video interview:

Know your candidates like never before with our Robotic Video Interview feature.

Our feature allows for a comprehensive candidate assessment, evaluating not just the factual and logical correctness of responses but also behavior, personality traits, and language proficiency. Additionally, it assesses the contextual relevance of responses and provides a score accordingly. You can customize questions from a provided list or create new ones.

AI Assessments

Technical Assessments

Zappyhire not just upgrades your pre-screening operations but lets you do it your way!

Integrate any third party assessment software of your choice with our pre- screening tools and transform your recruitment process for the better. These software can be integrated and will be available in the assessment partner list from which you can choose while configuring the assessment stage.

Technical Assessments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pre- screening assessment tests are evaluations that candidates are subjected to before the actual assessment and interview process. They are used to effectively filter candidates, minimizing the scope to lose out on candidate potential, as a form of thorough evaluation. Pre- screening assessment not only assess the candidates skills and technical knowledge but also provides insights into personality traits and language proficiency.

The types of pre-screening assessments include:

  • Aptitude tests

  • Skill assessments

  • Behavioral assessments

  • Personality tests

  • Language proficiency tests

  • Emotional intelligence tests

  • Domain knowledge tests

With Zappyhire’s pre-screening assessment tools the above-mentioned tests can be conducted with ease. Our Multilingual Recruiting Chatbot, Robotic Video Interview feature and provisions for assessment integrations can help you integrate numerous types of pre-screening assessments into your recruiting process and help you find the right candidate.