How You Can Benefit From Collaborative Hiring

Leverage the collective wisdom of a diverse team, you can attract and hire the best talent while eliminating bias and
creating a more inclusive workplace.

Right talent

Hire the Right Talent

Increase diversity and eliminate human bias by involving multiple perspectives in the hiring process.

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Deliver Better Candidate Experience

Improve the candidate experience by showcasing your company culture and building trust with potential hires.

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Conduct Better Employee Engagement

Engage your employees by giving them a voice in the hiring process and making them feel valued.

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Build Collaborative Company Culture

Build a more collaborative and inclusive workplace culture focused on achieving shared goals.

Why is Zappyhire the Best Collaborative Hiring Platform?

Zappyhire is designed to simplify the recruitment process and make it easy for all stakeholders to seamlessly involve in the hiring process.


Bring Your Hiring Team Together in One Portal

Zappyhire’s platform helps you ensure that your hiring managers and recruitment teams including future team members are in sync. Streamline the hiring process, collect feedback and track the effectiveness of the hiring team, all at the same time. Hire better, together!

Team collaborating in one hiring portal
Team collaborating in one hiring portal

Save Time with Templates

Use templates to manage everything from your communication to recruitment-related documents. Zappyhire’s templates have in-built automation that helps you personalize communication and save loads of time. Leverage existing templates or create your own in just a few clicks.

Recruiter using hiring templates
Recruiter using hiring templates

Manage Your Tasks Effectively

Zappyhire’s Task Manager accelerates your hiring process by making it easy to plan and manage tasks associated with each candidate or job role. It automatically creates tasks in every step of your recruitment life cycle and highlights risks, ensuring smooth hiring as a team.

Effective task management by Zappyhire recruitment software
Effective task management by Zappyhire recruitment software

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Measure How You Have Accelerated Your Hiring

The comprehensive recruiter’s dashboard helps you see how your recruitment is progressing across the organization along with high accountability. Track key hiring metrics and leverage them in your recruitment strategy.

Track time to hire
Track time to hire

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“Zappyhire is the only recruitment tool we have used and we love it. The drag and drop feature for setting up the hiring cycle and video interview feature are by far the best in terms of flexibility! A small-sized creative company like ours also requires assessments that should be crafted to measure very specific design skills. Zappyhire's flexible assessments setup was very helpful in evaluating candidates at scale. Since all assessments are consolidated as a single report card, it is easier for us to decide whether or not to advance a candidate to the next stage.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Collaborative Hiring Process is a powerful approach to recruitment in which multiple stakeholders in a company or organization work together to identify, assess, and select candidates for job positions. This process involves cross-functional collaboration among various teams, departments, and individuals, with each contributing their expertise and insights to the hiring process.

Improved hiring decisions: By involving multiple stakeholders in the hiring process, you can gain a more comprehensive view of candidates, which can lead to more informed hiring decisions.

Increased diversity and inclusivity: Collaborative hiring can help you reduce bias in the hiring process by incorporating a wider range of perspectives and experiences.

Enhanced candidate experience: Candidates who go through a collaborative hiring process will feel more engaged and valued by the organization, leading to a better candidate experience overall.

Improved teamwork and communication: Collaborative hiring can foster teamwork and communication among different departments and teams within your organization, improving overall collaboration and productivity.

There are usually 10 roles for comprehensive, collaborative hiring. The Administrator role has control over all actions, including user management. Requisition Admin creates formal requests for new positions, while Requisition Approver approves or rejects requisitions. HR recruiters handle the entire talent acquisition process, from advertising job openings to finding the right fit. The Hiring Manager’s Manager provides oversight and approves the final hiring decision. The Hiring Manager's Peers may participate in interviews or provide feedback. The Onboarding Coordinator ensures a smooth transition for the new hire. The Interviewer conducts interviews and evaluates candidates. The Offer Approver approves the offer letter, and the Hiring Manager can carry out the onboarding process.

However, it depends on the size of the company, and its unique hiring flow. Want to know whether Zappyhire will fit your company? Get in touch with us to find out!
Hint: Zappyhire is designed for companies of all sizes, so obviously - you'll gain a valuable asset to your collaborative hiring process!


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