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Get premium features and stellar customer support at an affordable price, and ensure candidate integrity with our comprehensive solution.

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One-Stop Hiring Solution

Gain a comprehensive platform that combines all recruitment activities in one place. It enables you to integrate with other tools, source and screen candidates, track hiring metrics, and facilitate onboarding from a single platform.

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Manage Candidate Data

Utilize our advanced candidate database management capabilities, including 360-degree degree candidate summaries, smart candidate search, and collaborative teamwork to build and manage your own candidate pool.

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Engage Candidates

Engage with your candidates like never before with our powerful communication features, enabling person- alized communication and automated follow-ups to ensure a top-notch candidate experience.

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Track Data & Get Inferences

Leverage the power of data with our advanced analytics and reporting modules, providing actionable insights and helping you make data-driven hiring decisions to refine your recruitment strategy.

Effortlessly Simplify Your Entire Hiring Process

Save big on overall time-to-hire and cost-to-hire up to 7X with our advanced AI-powered ATS


Enhance Productivity Using Power-Packed ATS

Streamline your recruitment process with our advanced ATS. Automate critical aspects of recruitment, drastically reduce manual tasks, sort and filter candidates quickly, collaborate with team members, and access all candidate data in one place.

Enhance Productivity
Enhance Productivity

Automate Pre-Screening With AI Assessments

Efficiently screen candidates with our pre-screening automation tools which utilize advanced AI and contextual analysis to provide accurate and insightful candidate evaluations so that you can make informed decisions faster with richer candidate data than ever before.

Automated Recruitment
Automated Recruitment

Offer Personalized Candidate Experience

Engage candidates like never before with our innovative candidate experience tools like recruiting chatbots and self-recording robotic video interviews. Provide a personalized experience from application to pre-onboarding, keeping candidates informed and reducing drop-off rates.

Candidate Experience
Candidate Experience

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Different Hiring Needs? We’ve Got You Covered!

Tailored solutions for campus and lateral hiring to offer exceptional recruitment
experiences for freshers as well as experienced candidates.


Reinvent Lateral Recruitment

Find high-quality & experienced candidates that will contribute to your organization from day one and decrease your time-to-hire. With the right data points, Zappyhire helps you find the perfect candidates. Zappyhire deciphers the resume, asks the candidate contextual questions and empowers you with powerful data required to make a decision.

Lateral Recruitment
Lateral Recruitment

Discover Talent on Campus

Scale your campus hiring. Zappyhire helps you manage hiring events without setting foot on the campus. From targeting the right campus to managing multiple recruitment events at a time, it connects the dots and enables you to convert fresh talent fast.

Discover Talent
Discover Talent

Effortless Digital Onboarding

New employees are excited and anxious, irrespective of their experience level. Don’t add to their anxiety - make onboarding a walk in the park! Automate your onboarding process, stay on top of the pending items and ensure your new employees have all the information they need to hit the ground running.

Digital Onboarding
Digital Onboarding

A Single Solution To All Your Hiring Needs

"Zappyhire Applicant Tracking System with its job boards and social media integration help us to reach out to potential candidates easily. Job application, screening, knowledge assessment, multiple rounds of Interviews, offer management and on-boarding of candidates are streamlined and easily done with the intelligent and self-help features of the system. This is especially important in the current COVID pandemic as it helps minimize the risk of infection. We were able to handle 150% of the usual recruitment workload with the same hiring resources and gain 100% visibility into the recruitment process and metrics. It is a real blessing in managing recruitment in the current pandemic situation."

Saji Mathew

Chief Operations Officer

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